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There is no denying that a well-designed outdoor living space can achieve an ambiance that your indoor space just can’t match. Translating your indoor style and bringing it outdoors and into your landscape, increases your curb appeal in front, while adding entertainment space in the back. Who can argue that the visual beauty, combined with the aromas and sounds of nature, is a therapy all its own? Whether your goal is a peaceful solitude, or an additional space to gather with family and loved ones, we have a design to satisfy all your needs.

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Outdoor kitchens and fire-pits are a commonly desired backyard destination. A perfect choice for dining with family or inviting the neighbors over for a BBQ. As evening turns to night, you can all adjourn to the firepit and seating area to delight in conversation and maybe some s’mores, while the fire crackles and flickers and the heat comforts you as you snuggle closer to that loved one and maybe even steal a kiss. These are perfect feature areas for spending quality time together all year round.

Outdoor kitchen
Water Feature 2


Water features are one of the most desired elements in a landscape design. Whether it’s a fountain, a waterfall, or a koi pond, one cannot argue that the look and the sound of moving water promotes a sense of ease and relaxation. Water features are fantastic for either small or large spaces. Water features are not just aesthetically pleasing to the senses, like one that imitates the sounds of a babbling brook, but they can even be practical, as a louder waterfall feature could assist in helping to mask unwanted sounds that might surround the property.

Koi Pond
Flower Garden


A beautiful well-manicured lawn compliments any landscape and outdoor living space. No matter if you have bright sun, tons of shade, or a combination of the two, there is plenty we can work with no matter your setting. We have both ornamental as well as practical elements we can install. We can help you choose from a wide selection of trees, shrubs, and flowers no matter what setting you have. Our extensive knowledge of horticulture allows us to recommend what will work best. When it comes to plants and vegetation, we get really excited about the possibilities. With each choice we make, we can use fragrance and color to soothe the senses, and help to attract desired wildlife, such as birds or butterflies. The proper plantings will help to soften any hardscape or brighten any plain lawn. Tell us your desires and let our experts help you to choose what’s right for you.


At IPS…we put water in its place!!!

Whether you are looking to properly water your grass, trees, and foliage, or you just need help getting rid of all the unwanted pooling of water… IPS Charleston is the right solution for your residential or commercial needs! Call to have one of our drainage and irrigation specialists come out and evaluate your situation.

If you are having issues with flooding, water pooling, or ground saturation, then it is time to consider some sort of drainage solutions. IPS Charleston offers several such solutions to assist keeping your property as healthy as possible.
Some of the solutions include:
Surface Drains
Subsurface Drains
French Drains
Dry Wells
Combination Filter Fabric Systems (Multi-Flow Drainage)
Drain Tile Systems
Channel Drains – Driveway Drainage
Gutters & Down Spouts
Swale & Culvert Installations
Dry Creek Beds
Sump Pumps & Mechanical Installations
Retaining Walls

Call now to schedule a no-obligation appointment for our experts to evaluate the problem and discuss the right solutions that will fit your budget.

You have spent time and money to beautify your yards or outside your place of business. It does not end there…you need to have the right mix of sun and water as well. An underground irrigation system will help to ensure your plants, trees, bushes, vegetable, and flower gardens are getting the proper amount of water at the optimal times of the day.
Call now to book a consultation with one of the many irrigation experts at IPS Charleston.